[docs] threading.Lock.release Documentation

W. Austin Roberts austin.roberts at propylon.com
Wed Apr 4 17:51:25 CEST 2012

I recently ran into a situation where I could not be certain that a lock 
was currently in the acquired state. I checked the documentation to 
determine what would happen if I attempted to release a lock that was 
already released, and saw an ominous warning of "Do not call this method 
when the lock is unlocked."

Needing to know what would happen, I cautiously tested it out. I half 
expected my computer to explode as I released a lock for the second 
time, but was pleased to see it raise a 'thread.error' exception which 
could be caught and handled.

I generally expect the documentation to tell me what will happen if I do 
something invalid. In this case the documentation should indicate that a 
thread.error will be raised if you release an unlocked lock.

Thanks for your time.

Austin Roberts
Technical Team Lead
Propylon, Inc.

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