[docs] Python and doxygen

Gustavo Ambrozio gustavo at gustavo.eng.br
Sun Feb 12 05:40:55 CET 2012

I'm new to Python and I have to resort to the documentation a lot.

And as an iOS developer I use an OSX app called Dash that is just wonderful
when it comes to searching for iOS documentation.

And there's a way to add more reference manuals into Dash using a doxygen
generated docset file. The author of Dash managed to generate docsets for
PHP, jquery and a few other languages but he told me it's hard for Python
because the only input format is HTML and it's not well structured for his

Since I want to have a pyhton docset to use in Dash I decided to reach out.
Is there any other file format that I can get python's documentation in?
Like XML? How are the HTML files generated?

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