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Mon Jan 16 16:56:27 CET 2012

patrick vrijlandt <patrick.vrijlandt at gmail.com> added the comment:

The documentation of this function is generally ambiguous, because os.walk is a generator. Thus "generate" means (1) yielded from a generator and (2) prepared for later use within the generator. To avoid the ambiguity, "generate" should be avoided if possible. (1) might be replaced by "return" and (2) by "prepare".

The paragraph you cite is about "Modifying dirnames ". If you are not "Modifying dirnames" (like me) this section easily skips your attention.

My problem was, of course, that I had myself changed the directory structure - It's not a race condition with another process but an effect  of the loop os.walk was managing.

shutil.rmtree cannot help me, because I'm only deleting empty dirs.

Proposal (very verbose I'm afraid):
If you change the directory structure below dirpath while topdown=True, you can modify dirnames in-place so that walk will visit the right directories. If you change the directory structure below dirpath while topdown=False (maybe while you where there), dirnames and filenames can still reflect the old situation and it might be necessary to call os.listdir again.


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