[docs] [issue15125] argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well

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Mon Jul 23 01:27:31 CEST 2012

Steven Bethard <steven.bethard at gmail.com> added the comment:

I'm sympathetic to the idea that '-' should be translated similarly for optional and positional arguments, but as you've noted, it would be a risky patch because it's already possible for people to use getattr on hyphenated arguments. So I think this isn't possible without a long deprecation process first.

> But patching the module to allow explicitly setting dest via keyword 
> argument shouldn't hurt anybody.

I agree that it wouldn't hurt anybody. If you can find a way to do this, feel free to provide a patch.

However, the correct way to have one name for the attribute (i.e. dest=) and one name for the help (i.e. metavar=) is to use the metavar argument like so:

    parser.add_argument('positional_args', metavar='positional-args')

That said, this is not the first time I've seen someone run into this problem. I think the documentation could be improved in a few ways:

(1) In the "name or flags" section, describe how the flags (for optional arguments) are translated into both a default "dest" (stripping initial '-' and converting '-' to '_') and into a default "metavar" (stripping initial '-' and uppercasing). Part of this is in the "dest" and "metavar" documentation, but probably belongs up in the "name or flags" documentation. Add cross-references to "dest" and "metavar" sections.

(2) In the "name or flags" section, describe how the name (for positional arguments) are translated into the same default "dest" and "metavar" (no string munging at all). Again, move stuff from the "dest" and "metavar" sections as necessary. Add cross-references to "dest" and "metavar" sections.

(3) In the "dest" section and somewhere in the "parse_args" section, describe how "getattr" can be used to get attributes whose names aren't valid Python identifiers. Maybe cross-reference this section from the edits in (2).

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