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Tue Jul 24 16:15:04 CEST 2012

Chris Jerdonek <chris.jerdonek at gmail.com> added the comment:

I did think through those issues and made a special effort to address them in the script.

For starters, the script does not change the order of any names in Misc/ACKS.  This is to preserve the existing rough alphabetical ordering, and to ensure that the diff consists only of insertions (for easier manual checking, if desired).

As for inserting new names in rough alphabetical order, I dealt with different language characters as follows.  The script has a translation table to map non-ascii characters to ascii characters for sorting purposes.  Currently, that table is as follows (I'm not sure if all of these characters will render on the page):

NON_ASCII = "ÅÉØáäåæçéëíñóôöùúüćęŁńŽКМСабгекнорш“”"
ASCII_SUB = 'AEOaaaaceeinooouuuceLnZKMCabrekhopw""'

This mapping can easily be modified if my initial choices are not the best.  As an early step, the script collects all non-ascii characters that appear in all names to make sure the translation table is up to date (exiting with a message otherwise).

When I said "Jeff McNeil" is out of order, that was because the name appears after "Jeff Epler" but before "Tom Epperly".  The script maintains a list of "out of order" names like this to skip when inserting, to prevent insertions from being out of rough alphabetical order.

If different languages use a different ordering on the word level, the script will not handle that, however.  It only orders lexicographically by last name, and then first name(s).

Much of this information is spelled out in the script's docstring.


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