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Thu Mar 1 15:54:50 CET 2012

Matthew Johnson <mat.joh123 at gmail.com> added the comment:

I think he's right to fix those "mistakes". Just see the first sentence @ http://docs.python.org/tutorial/floatingpoint.html#floating-point-arithmetic-issues-and-limitations

It reads: "Floating-point numbers are represented in [...]"

So as you can see, there are places in the docs where the hyphen/dash is there, other places where it is not. I, personally, don't get the whole "some places yes, someplaces no" philosophy. I think the patch should be applied. I think he was just trying to make some consistentcy in the docs as his first contribution.

I must also point out that I don't understand the whole "some places title-case, other places sentence-case" titles in the docs. It's kind of confusing.

What are your thoughts about all this?

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