[docs] [issue14289] Prebuilt CHM file on Docs download page

Nam Nguyen report at bugs.python.org
Tue Mar 13 20:39:38 CET 2012

New submission from Nam Nguyen <bitsink at gmail.com>:

Before 2.7, one can easily find .CHM files in the Documentation download page. When 2.7 come out, the only way to get CHM files is downloading the Windows installers (EXE or MSI), installing it on Windows, and grabbing the CHM files. This is unwieldy.

I am on a Mac at work, have a desktop running Linux and Windows at home. In all cases, I usually rely on the CHM file. It is self-packaged, indexable, and easily searchable. There are CHM readers out there that work across different OSes such as the cross platform xCHM.

Therefore, I'd like to request for a prebuilt .CHM file for download, in addition to what there already are.

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status: open
title: Prebuilt CHM file on Docs download page

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