[docs] [issue14338] urllib2 HowTo for overriding post/3xx behavior.

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Fri Mar 16 21:25:01 CET 2012

New submission from beeNuts <jeff.adams at linux.com>:

Issue #14144, with the title "urllib2 HTTPRedirectHandler not forwarding POST data in redirect" was recently closed with these comments: 

"This could be cookbook recipe style example, if it's utility
value is high. I am closing this issue as I feel that the requirement may not be addressed by a change. If there is patch for HowTo, we can tackle that in another issue. Thank you for contribution."

The decision that documents on this issue were preferable to a patch seems like a fair compromise, especially considering that the RFC is decidedly ambiguous.I was wondering if the HowTo would be forthcoming? 
It seems to me that the value/utility would certainly be high. I'd submit it myself but I'm so new to Python that I don't trust my ability to do it correctly. It's something I would find highly useful, though.

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status: open
title: urllib2 HowTo for overriding post/3xx behavior.
versions: Python 3.3

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