[docs] [issue7635] 19.6 xml.dom.pulldom doc: stub?

R. David Murray report at bugs.python.org
Mon Mar 26 19:43:19 CEST 2012

R. David Murray <rdmurray at bitdance.com> added the comment:

Looks like someone else noticed the problem, but did not notice that there was an existing issue with a patch :(.

Sorry about that, Mark.  Thanks very much for working on this, and I'm very sorry it got lost.  Hopefully Eli will review your patch and see if there is anything to adopt from it to add to the stuff he already checked in on issue 14202.

nosy: +eli.bendersky, r.david.murray
resolution:  -> out of date
stage: patch review -> committed/rejected
status: open -> closed
superseder:  -> The docs of xml.dom.pulldom are almost nonexistent

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