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Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> added the comment:

A lot of good editions!


Would it be worth using :envvar:`PATH` here?  Python-specific envvars (e.g. PYTHONPATH) are documented and can be linked to, maybe a small entry to explain common envvars like HOME and PATH would be a useful addition for novice programmers.

  +module in the :file:`Modules` subdirectory,

You can also use :source:`Modules` to generate a link to the repo; for people who don’t know how to get a Python clone or source distribution (or don’t want to), a link is better than just a file name.

  +When run, this will produce the following output::

Using “.. code-block:: none” here would avoid misleading colorization.

  -Thus, to read n bytes from a pipe p created with :func:`os.popen`, you need to
  +Thus, to read n bytes from a pipe *p* created with :func:`os.popen`, you need to

I’d mark up *n* too.

  +varies between systems; sometimes it is ``/usr/lib/sendmail``, sometimes

That’s a program name too, so for consistency you could use :program:, although I’m not sure that role is worth using.

  +By default :mod:`pickle` uses a relatively old and slow format for backward

I trust you will update that comment for the 3.x version.


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