[docs] solidify argument/parameter terminology (issue 15990)

ezio.melotti at gmail.com ezio.melotti at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 22:04:35 CET 2012

File Doc/glossary.rst (right):

Doc/glossary.rst:47: ``name=``) in the calling syntax or passed as a
value in a dictionary
s/in the calling syntax/in a function call/?
For consistency with the next definition you should use "and/or" here

Doc/glossary.rst:68: See also the :term:`parameter` glossary entry and
This should link to the FAQ

Doc/glossary.rst:571: :term:`keyword argument`.  This is the default
kind of parameter, for
I wouldn't link to positional/keyowrd arguments now that they are dummy.
 If linking to argument is too "vague" you /could/ add references before
the two definitions of argument.

Doc/glossary.rst:583: bare ``*`` before them in the parameter list of
the function
This might lead the reader to think that every keyword-only arg requires
its own *.  The example could specify kw-only args.

Doc/glossary.rst:605: :ref:`function` section, and :pep:`362`.
It occurred to me that there's another distinction that can be made:
required vs optional.  Should we add this too?


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