[docs] add a "class str" entry to the docs (issue 16209)

chris.jerdonek at gmail.com chris.jerdonek at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 06:13:22 CET 2012

File Doc/library/functions.rst (right):

Doc/library/functions.rst:1244: Return a :class:`str` version of
*object*.  See :func:`str` for details.
On 2012/11/28 06:04:09, ezio.melotti wrote:
> Wouldn't :func:`str` link to this entry?  Or would it just link to
> but add the () at the end?

They link to the same thing: the full definition on the other page.  I
checked.  Only the link at the top of the Built-in Functions page links
to the stub entry.

(I know there are old comments on a related issue suggesting that they
can link to separate things, but as far as I could tell through
experimentation it is a Sphinx constraint that they link to the same

And yes, "func" adds the parentheses and "class" leaves them off.  I
choose which to use based on whether I want to emphasize/refer to the
type or the constructor/function aspect.


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