[docs] [issue16229] Module *redemo.py* lacking in recent Python distributions

Francisco Gracia report at bugs.python.org
Mon Oct 15 10:04:40 CEST 2012

Francisco Gracia added the comment:

You are right. I am referring to the Windows installer. I forgot to mention
that I am using Windows XP.

Thank you.

2012/10/14 Ned Deily <report at bugs.python.org>

> Ned Deily added the comment:
> The demo scripts in the Tools directory were cleaned up earlier in Python
> 3 and moved.  redemo.py is still included in the 3.2 and later source
> distributions in the Tools/demo directory.  The builders of binary
> installers and third-party distributors of Python 3.x may make their own
> decisions about whether to include the Tools directory in their distros.
> For which platform and from what source are you installing Python 3.2?
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title: File *redemo.py* lacking in recent Python distributions -> Module *redemo.py* lacking in recent Python distributions

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