[docs] [issue16267] order of decorators @abstractmethod and @classmethod is significant (is not documented to be in @abstractclassmethod which advises their combined use)

Christopher the Magnificent report at bugs.python.org
Wed Oct 17 21:26:45 CEST 2012

Christopher the Magnificent added the comment:

As Darren Dale pointed out, it looks like this is a (partial) documentation issue.  I think it's plausible that someone like me, who has used abstractmethod by itself, would read the docs for abstractclassmethod and not re-read the docs on abstract method to know that he needs to put the one decorator first and other other second.

Changing Python to make it indifferent to the order of classmethod and abstractmethod wouldn't be a bad idea if it isn't too hairy to implement, since it does not seem to be intuitive to me and probably others that the order of the decorators in this specific situation should matter.

At bare minimum, I recommend that the documentation for abstractclassmethod and abstractstaticmethod should be updated to indicate not merely that abstractmethod and either classmethod or staticmethod should be used together, but IN WHICH ORDER they should be used, if it is decided to preserve the sensitivity to ordering.



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