[docs] Bug in proxy-example @ http://docs.python.org/library/xmlrpclib.html#example-of-client-usage

Dirk Hasselbalch dirk at hasselbalch.com
Fri Oct 19 21:05:27 CEST 2012

There's a bug in the how-to-use-xmlrpclib-with-a-proxy example at the
bottom of this page:

The example doesn't work, since httplib.HTTP does not have the
getresponse method that gets invoked from xmlrpclib.ServerProxy.

Changing line 8 to get the HTTPconnection enclosed in HTTP fixes the
issue. Diff (current <, fixed >)

<         h = httplib.HTTP(self.proxy)
>         h = httplib.HTTP(self.proxy)._conn

I have not tested whether or not this is a problem in Python3, but I'm
99% sure there's a similar issue @


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