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Andrew, below is a revision of your comment with a few corrections made by a native english speaker.

Function :c:func:`Py_SetProgramName` should be called before :c:func:`Py_Initialize` to inform the interpreter about paths to Python run-time libraries.  Next initialize the Python interpreter with :c:func:`Py_Initialize`, followed by the execution of a hard-coded Python script that prints the date and time.  Afterwards, the :c:func:`Py_Finalize` call shuts the interpreter down, followed by the end of the program.  In a real program, you may want to get the Python script from another source, perhaps a text-editor routine, a file, or a database.  Getting the Python code from a file can better be done by using the :c:func:`PyRun_SimpleFile` function, which saves you the trouble of allocating memory space and loading the file contents.

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