[docs] Possible typo in py3k glossary for the term "statement"

Mike Little mike2little at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 01:08:47 CEST 2012


I'm studying the Python 3.2.3 documentation, and find it to be quite
well written.
Just one thing I noticed after multiple readings of the Glossary page,

In the entry for the term "statement",
http://docs.python.org/py3k/glossary.html#term-statement, it says:

  = = =
  A statement is part of a suite (a “block” of code). A statement is
either an expression or a one of several constructs with a keyword,
such as if, while or for.
  = = =

  (Please forgive my shaky grasp of logic terminology below. I think I
made up some phrases from scratch.)

  For the sequence of words,
    "or a one of several constructs"
  the singular indefinite article "a" is modifying the "singular noun
phrase", "one of several constructs", which to me is confusing.

  The sentence reads more clearly (to me), if we remove the article
"a", giving us:
    "or one of several constructs"

  If, hypothetically, we had,
    "A statement is either a foofoo or *a* *list* of several barbars"
  Then the singular indefinite article modifies a singular noun,
"list", and the statement would make sense.
  Or, if we had, "or a choice of several constructs", it would be
syntactically ok, but it would change the term's meaning.

  I hope there nothing glaringly obvious that I'm overlooking! If so,
my apologies, and I would be grateful for any feedback.

 Mike Little

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