[docs] [issue15831] comma after leading optional argument is after bracket in docs

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Fri Sep 14 19:19:04 CEST 2012

Chris Jerdonek added the comment:

Thanks, Ezio!

By the way, I didn't do a thorough check, but I noticed this difference in the 2.7 application of the patch.  The *key* argument for max() needs to be marked keyword-only.  This difference doesn't exist for the min() function.  Or are we not using the "bare *" notation in the 2.7 docs?  If not, the min() docs need to be changed instead (and possibly in several other places).

Default branch:

-.. function:: max(iterable[, args...], *[, key])
+.. function:: max(iterable, *[, key])
+              max(arg1, arg2, *args[, key])

2.7 branch:

-.. function:: max(iterable[, args...][key])
+.. function:: max(iterable[, key])
+              max(arg1, arg2, *args[, key])


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