[docs] [issue12067] Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons.

Mike Hoy report at bugs.python.org
Fri Sep 21 15:43:41 CEST 2012

Mike Hoy added the comment:

http://bugs.python.org/issue15997 is this issue related to what Terry has mentioned:

Does 'not supported' mean 'raises TypeError', 'returns NotImplemented', or both? If the last, I don't really understand the reason for NotImplemented versus TypeError. That point should be clarified in 3.3 also. And 3.3 should be referenced in the comparisons section.

I am working on this patch and need confirmation as to whether or not this has to be included in my patch. I'm not clear on it so I may just pass on making a patch if it is required for this issue.


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