[docs] [issue12067] Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons.

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Sat Sep 22 08:10:58 CEST 2012

Chris Jerdonek added the comment:

Some minor comments:

-The operators ``<``, ``>``, ``==``, ``>=``, ``<=``, and ``!=`` compare the
+``<``, ``>``, ``==``, ``>=``, ``<=``, and ``!=`` compare the values of two 

I think it reads better to start a sentence (and in this case a paragraph) with a word rather than a symbol.

-values of two objects.  The objects need not have the same type. If both are
+objects. The two objects don't necessarily have to be of the same type. With 

The replacement sentence seems wordier to me.

+(:meth:`__ge__()` reflects :meth:`__lt__()`, etcetera). Builtin numbers compare 
+as expected, even when of different types. Builtin sequences compare 

"Built-in" is hyphenated in the docs.  See, for example, here:


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