[docs] [issue15949] docs.python.org not getting updated

Ezio Melotti report at bugs.python.org
Sat Sep 22 15:18:10 CEST 2012

Ezio Melotti added the comment:

> I usually get the result of the cronjob via email if there's a failure;

Maybe it should go to python-committers or some other public ML, so that other devs can see and possibly fix the issue.

> I wonder if `make patchcheck` could be enhanced to check
> for unsupported characters.

That sounds like a good idea to me.

> Lastly, is there a work-around for the inability to include �
> in the docs?

'\ufffdabc' is acceptable, and it is what non-utf-8 terminals print.

> That particular difference between u.encode('replace') and 
> bytes.decode('replace') (? vs. �) seems like an important
> one to me not to conflate.

Indeed I was confusing the two.  I'm not actually even sure that the Unicode standard mandates these specific replacement characters (IIRC there's even a way to configure them), and I was under the impression that '?' was sometimes used during the decoding, but after a few tests it seems I was wrong.


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