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Mike Hoy mike at saguaroscuba.com
Sat Sep 29 16:32:56 CEST 2012

On 09/13/2012 08:10 PM, CSJ wrote:
> Hello doc team,
> I just know  Sphinx yesterday,
> and http://docs.python.org/py3k/about.html use it to generate html.
> Is any place I can get source of the files(rst, Makefile, etc) to
> generate the doc site?
> Cause I think it is also good example for me to learn using Sphinx.
> Thanks a lot,
> Jay
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If I understand you correctly you want to build the html files from rest 
using Sphynx? If so just navigate to cpython/Doc/  and then: build html 
and it will checkout a copy of Sphinx and will put all the html files in 

-Mike Hoy

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