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paul j3 added the comment:

In argparse.py the status of ArgumentTypeError is ambiguous.

ArgumentError is listed as a public class, ArgumentTypeError is not.  It also says 'All other classes in this module are considered implementation details.'

ArgumentTypeError is a subclass of Exception (with no added functionality).

ArgumentTypeError is raised only once, in the FileType class (which is both a scripting convenience and example of a custom type).  As you note it is also used in the documentation example.  There is also one such example in test_argparse.py.

It is caught once, where it is converted into an ArgumentError.  It is handled much like a ValueError or TypeError - except that its message is passed through unchanged.  

In http://bugs.python.org/issue13824 I use it several times in the FileContext class for just this reason.  

In fact ArgumentTypeError could be documented as a footnote to the `type` block, saying to the effect: 'An ArgumentTypeError may be raised (instead of a ValueError or TypeError) to produce a custom error message.'

Normally an ArgumentTypeError is not passed back to the user code, consistent with the claim that it is not public.


Along the same line, should ArgumentError be documented better?  Currently it is just mentioned at the end, as a replacement for an optparse error class.

As best I can tell, the user code will only see an ArgumentError if the ArgumentParser.error method is customized.  Otherwise that error is caught and converted into a system exit.  Maybe the `error` paragraph in the documentation should get a sentence about ArgumentError.

In test_argparse.py, ArgumentError is used extensively (with a custom error method).

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