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Mon Jun 3 14:21:21 CEST 2013

Dear Python documentarians,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the very well written Python 
documentation. It is very clear, concise and easy to read for non native 
English speaking persons, like myself.

I noticed an inconsistency in the nomenclature used in section 6 
/Modules/ of 'The Python Tutorial'.
Both the terms /module/ and /submodule/ are used seemingly 
interchangeably. The term /submodule/ would imply it is part of another 
module. However, a module is defined as a file containing python code, 
having the extension /.py/. A file cannot contain other files, hence, 
the term /submodule/ is not defined in this context. The term 
/submodule/ adds unnecessary complexity to the tutorial.
I would suggest to replace all occurrences of /submodule/ by /module/.

The term subpackage (used for packages within another package) is used 
correctly because a package, which is a (special type of) directory, can 
contain subdirectories that are packages themselves.

Harrie Guikers
harrie at dinde.nl

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