[docs] Should say 'REAL' not 'FLOAT' as the SQLite datatype in 11.13.1 of sqlite3.

Richard Kelsall r.kelsall at millstream.com
Sat Jun 8 16:32:34 CEST 2013

Hello Python Docs,

TLDR: I think it should probably say 'REAL' not 'FLOAT' as the SQLite
       datatype in 11.13.1 of sqlite3.

I am reading the sqlite3 page


for Python v2.7.5. It says in 11.13.1:

"SQLite natively supports only the types TEXT, INTEGER, FLOAT, BLOB and

This made me wonder, is this a double or single FLOAT? (I have not used
this database or this Python module before.) And I looked in the SQLite
documentation here


This says that SQLite version 3 uses an 8 byte (i.e. double) float and
has this as type REAL. So I go back to the python page thinking maybe
this is an earlier version of SQLite - maybe Python 2 provides SQLite 2
for backwards compatibility and the module name 'sqlite3' does not
follow the SQLite version number for some reason. I cannot see on this
page mention of what version of SQLite this module provides, maybe I
missed that? But I see in

"SQLite natively supports the following types: NULL, INTEGER, REAL,

So this internal contradiction makes me think section 11.13.1 is

I feel posting to this public list, of unknown proportions, may
be a rather loud way of reporting such a minor problem, but the
documentation page seems to ask me to do this. A wiki might have
been an easier and less noisy way to suggest corrections. I expect
many people would not go to the trouble of emailing a public mailing
list to get a detail like this corrected and that there are many
similar bugs which are found but not immediately reported for this


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