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New submission from Brandon Craig Rhodes:

A friend (@theomn on Twitter) was just working off of PEP-333 when I mentioned to him that PEP-3333, and he had never heard of it, and he expressed the wish that PEPs would have a banner or something at the top if there is a more recent version of them. I think his idea is great, and is like the feature of PyPI where if Google lands you on an old version of a package then it is careful to tell you up at the top that a more recent version is available.

This could extend to all sorts of cross-references that we should maintain: some PEPs have been superseded; others have more recent supplements that people should read as well (think of the relationship between packaging PEPs); PEPs that did not wind up being implemented have cousins who were; and so forth.

Is this something that needs to wait until the New Python Web Site appears, and that would be meta-markup somehow maintained along with the PEP texts themselves? Or should there be a “Related PEPs” paragraph that we open at the top of each relevant PEP and just include the cross-links as raw updates to the PEP's own restructured text? I'm open to a simple implementation here, so long as we can provide more “community context” when people land on a PEP.

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title: PEP should not if it has been superseded

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