[docs] [issue17370] PEP should note if it has been superseded

Barry A. Warsaw report at bugs.python.org
Sat Mar 9 17:32:21 CET 2013

Barry A. Warsaw added the comment:

On Mar 09, 2013, at 03:30 AM, Terry J. Reedy wrote:

>I think you are, in effect, asking for expansion of the 'PEP Header Preamble'
>section of PEP-0001. I have added some of the PEP editors listed in the PEP
>as nosy. I will let them decide if this should be discussed elsewhere.

Looks like Benjamin just changed Replaced-By with Superseded-By in PEP 1 and
Replaced with Superseded as a Status.  He also updated a bunch of PEPs with
the new headers, including 333.

He probably should have discussed this with the other PEP editors beforehand,
but in retrospect, it seems fine.

I guess that means you're requesting a new header such as 'Related' which
would contain a list of PEP numbers?  Usually we just put those in the
references (and it's perfectly fine to update a PEP after it's final with new
references - that's why we have a version control system. :)


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