[docs] [issue17047] Fix double double words words

Serhiy Storchaka report at bugs.python.org
Tue Mar 12 15:48:06 CET 2013

Serhiy Storchaka added the comment:

> Serhiy and Mathew, could you post your search re's or scripts to use again on occasion?

For example:

  find * -type f -name '*.[ch]' -exec egrep -n '\b([a-zA-Z]+) \1\b' '{}' + | grep -v 'long long' | egrep --color '\b([a-zA-Z]+) \1\b'
  find * -type f -name '*.py' -exec egrep -n --color '\b([a-zA-Z]+) \1\b' '{}' +

And similar one-time one-liners for *.rst, *.txt, etc.


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