[docs] [issue17415] Documentation Ambiguity 1

Gurmeet Singh report at bugs.python.org
Thu Mar 14 10:41:24 CET 2013

New submission from Gurmeet Singh:

This is the first time I am creating an issue. I may be doing something wrong. I will correct that if you make me aware about it!

Issue with documentation:
Documentation page: http://docs.python.org/3/library/os.path.html
Entry: os.path.normpath(path)
Contention line: "It should be understood that this may change the meaning of the path if it contains symbolic links!"

Ambiguity Source: Contention line immediately follows the line "On Windows, it converts forward slashes to backward slashes." relating contention line to also windows.

Ambiguity: "I think" (i.e. I do not know for sure) that, the contention line should apply to all OS, not just windows. for example, .. after a symlink should, according to me, remove the symlink itself by the normpath function. This would be an incorrect behaviour of the normpath (I consider that incorrect). Hence, should be documented for all OS.

assignee: docs at python
components: Documentation
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nosy: docs at python, gsingh
priority: normal
severity: normal
status: open
title: Documentation Ambiguity 1
type: enhancement
versions: Python 3.3

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