[docs] [issue17415] Clarify docs of os.path.normpath()

Gurmeet Singh report at bugs.python.org
Sat Mar 16 18:03:43 CET 2013

Gurmeet Singh added the comment:

At the moment, I running late for creating a program - so I apologize that immediately I would not able to work on creating a patch. Later though I may be able to. I am sorry.

To avoid wasted work I think patch should be created only after someone (do not know who though!) has approved of the suggestions.

Thanks for the tips. I will read http://docs.python.org/devguide/triaging.html before posting next - but sorry, that I have posted many issues already without reading your response. 


You guys have both understood the issues I tried to say. 

The collapsing by '..' kills out sym link without realizing it is symlink - since it does not refer to file system - it is just a string manipulation utility (Again, I cannot commit on this since I have not read the source code or experimented this - it is an educated guess by reading only the docs).

So, I further suggest to add to the description by Ezio Melotti after the line "This collapsing may change the meaning of the path if it contains symbolic links.". We could add the following bracketed line "(since os.path.normpath is just string manipulation utility - unaware of the underlying file system)". This would remove the source of confusion, that we all here have got confused about.


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