[docs] [issue17409] resource.setrlimit doesn't respect -1

Terry J. Reedy report at bugs.python.org
Thu Mar 21 23:09:30 CET 2013

Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

Both old and new have this sentence:
"Raises :exc:`ValueError` if an invalid resource is specified, if the new soft limit exceeds the hard limit, or if a process tries to raise its hard limit (unless the process has an effective UID of super-user)."

This strikes me as a bit awkward and ambiguous. As a naive reader that does not already know the facts, it is unclear whether the (unless...) applies to the overall sentence (Raise...) or just the last clause (if a process...). I would try moving the 'unless...' either before the whole sentence or before the clause, depending on which is true.


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