[docs] User documentation for xml.sax.xmlreader.Locator

Steve White stevan.white at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 14:44:32 CET 2013


The documentation for xml.sax.xmlreader.Locator leaves something to be
desired, from the point of view of a user (as opposed to someone who
is writing a parser.)

A user, for example, might *just* want to parse an XML file, somehow
keeping track of the element line numbers.

It would be helpful to point out that the Locator interface is
implemented by real parsers, such as those produced by make_parser,
and further to explain how to make use of a locator for a given

For instance, the (barely documented) ExpatParser which is by default
produced by make_parser, defines its own Locator, ExpatLocator, which
can be used... if only you know it's there and how to use it.

I provided an example at


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