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ej gonzalez viera ejgonzalezviera at fec.luz.edu.ve
Wed Mar 13 16:36:10 CET 2013

Hi I sent you an e-mail before without so much formalism and from my
personal (to play with friends) account.
This is my formal account now let's talk about this.

Firstly I'm a student from FEC-LUZ university, and you can see it's true
because of my institutional e-mail; I've had studies on English language
but my first one is spanish.
At the moment I'm into economic trouble, I've been seeking for a job but I
don't seem to find any as I've just become 18, I'm also studying chemistry
(I use python to model atoms and orbitals and do calculus).
So I wondered what about working for python as a contributing to it? I
would be a really bad developer as I'm just a newbie on it and I just use
it for hobbie.
However I have enough free time like to do an entire translation of the
documentation, that time is supposed to be the time for me to work.
So I was wondering if there's a way to get "donations" for me as I really
want to help with the documentation and I'm poor, I know it's very personal
what I'm asking for but I needed to ask.
I have very good skills at writing (as my mum was a secretary), and I'm
sure I'm able to get into this project of translating it into spanish.

I just would like that, at least some economic help for my studies, food
and medical insurance; not really much I do ask for, at least to post
something telling people to give me some help and in exchange I'll keep
doing translations of the python documentation.
I have a certificate on that, from CEVAZ institute; so I'd like to apply as
a contributor with little donation benefits.

E. González.
FEC-LUZ University
Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela.
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