[docs] [issue17947] Code, test, and doc review for PEP-0435 Enum

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Mon May 13 20:40:23 CEST 2013

Alex Gaynor added the comment:

>From PyPy's perspective we don't really care what you name this particular bikeshed, and it's probably not that important to us (in this particular case).

As far as I know IronPython is the only Python VM that doesn't have _getframe() support by default (you need a CLI flag at startup, IIRC). In PyPy calling _getframe (right now) has a negative performance impact, but it's local to wherever you're calling it, so unless you create Enum in frequent loops (as opposed to just once at module level), this doesn't really matter to us.

If someone wants to invent a more narrow, tailored API for stack introspection, logging is a much better target (right now each call to logging.{info,error,etc.} calls _getframe(), which does have a real performance impact. (We'll eventually invent enough engineering to fix this ourselves, but in the meantime if somewhere were to pain this bikeshed, we certainly wouldn't object ;)).


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