[docs] [issue17700] Update Curses HOWTO for 3.4

A.M. Kuchling report at bugs.python.org
Sun May 26 16:56:39 CEST 2013

A.M. Kuchling added the comment:

I can't make sense of unget_wch.  I used this test program:


import curses

def main(stdscr):
    stdscr.addstr(0,0, "Key")
    while True:
        ch = stdscr.get_wch()
        stdscr.addstr(1,1, repr(ch) + '      ')
        if ch == 'q':


If I use curses.unget_wch(chr(0x0149)), the following get_wch() call returns -119, not 0x149.

The whole area of wide character support in curses is just a mystery, and I don't know how to resolve my questions.  I'll close this item, since I have nothing further to add to the curses howto.

resolution:  -> fixed
stage: patch review -> committed/rejected
status: open -> closed

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