[docs] Code, test, and doc review for PEP-0435 Enum (issue 17947)

zachary.ware at gmail.com zachary.ware at gmail.com
Fri May 17 18:01:40 CEST 2013

File Lib/enum.py (right):

Lib/enum.py:123: "'_find_new' cannot be used for members")
On 2013/05/17 17:40:14, stoneleaf wrote:
> I'd rather not -- seems like it would be easy to miss a trailing
> Also, in the tuple case the _as_dict method is actually public --
these aren't.
> If we're going to reserve an entire namespace, how about '_somename_'

That would be fine with me, I'm not aware of any existing conventions
with _names_ and they seem unlikely to be used for enum names.  But
then, _names don't seem terribly likely for that purpose either.

My main purpose to a change here is just to make it easy to
extend/change things later by not limiting ourselves to those 4 names,
I'm not too bothered by which names are reserved :).


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