[docs] Small mistake in documentation

Terence Lewis terencelz90 at gmail.com
Wed May 15 03:55:42 CEST 2013


I was reading through the tutorial of Argparse module and found a small


Notice that so far we’ve been using verbosity level to *change* the text
that gets displayed. The following example instead uses verbosity level to
display *more* text instead:

import argparseparser =
argparse.ArgumentParser()parser.add_argument("x", type=int, help="the
base")parser.add_argument("y", type=int, help="the
exponent")parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbosity", action="count",
default=0)args = parser.parse_args()answer = args.x**args.yif
args.verbosity >= 2:
    print "Running '{}'".format(__file__)if args.verbosity >= 1:
    print "{}^{} ==".format(args.x, args.y),print answer

The second last line should be

    print "{}^{} == {}".format(args.x, args.y, answer)

as stated in other similar paragraphs.

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