[docs] [issue19136] CSV, builtin open(), newline arg. Docs broken again.

Graham Wideman report at bugs.python.org
Wed Oct 2 00:01:08 CEST 2013

Graham Wideman added the comment:

Yes, as it turns out you are absolutely right, in a manner of speaking.  I have retested this exhaustively today, and here's the root cause.

It turns out that in testing, I must have activate a particular simplified test script by invoking only scriptname.py rather than invoking 'python scriptname.py'. (And then repeating that mistake by reinvoking via console history... doh!)

The latter reliably invokes python 3.3.2, because that's the only python in my PATH.  The former, it turns out, invokes the Windows Python Launcher, which finds a previously installed Python 2.7.1, despite that not being on the PATH. 

So, in my mind, the possibility of launching any version other than Python 3.3.2 did not enter the picture.

Prior to this, I was only vaguely aware that Windows Python Launcher existed. Ironically, it was probably installed by Python 3.3.2.

Sorry for the bogus bug alert.


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