[docs] [issue19164] Update uuid.UUID TypeError exception: integer should not be an argument.

Vajrasky Kok report at bugs.python.org
Fri Oct 4 15:01:10 CEST 2013

Vajrasky Kok added the comment:

The exception message is correct. You can give an integer argument. But you have to use keyword argument.

>>> uuid.UUID(int=uuid.uuid4().int)

>From the documentation:

 __init__(self, hex=None, bytes=None, bytes_le=None, fields=None, int=None, v
 |      Create a UUID from either a string of 32 hexadecimal digits,
 |      a string of 16 bytes as the 'bytes' argument, a string of 16 bytes
 |      in little-endian order as the 'bytes_le' argument, a tuple of six
 |      integers (32-bit time_low, 16-bit time_mid, 16-bit time_hi_version,
 |      8-bit clock_seq_hi_variant, 8-bit clock_seq_low, 48-bit node) as
 |      the 'fields' argument, or a single 128-bit integer as the 'int'
 |      argument.  When a string of hex digits is given, curly braces,
 |      hyphens, and a URN prefix are all optional.  For example, these
 |      expressions all yield the same UUID:

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