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Am 25.09.2013 20:45, schrieb abjimnen at aol.com:
> I am new to programming but have been seriously been bitten by the buy and
> I am working with the book Python for Dummies by Stef Maruch and Aahz
> Maruch. I am working on a coin toss program which is suppose to  be
> something like   MY issue is that when I try to use the else or elif
> function  it comes back as SyntaxError: invalid syntax  and search as I
> might I can' t seem to find help to address this one issue.  And I was
> hoping you guys can lead me someplace to solve this.   I am using Python
> 3.3.2 on a Mac. Yours Truly Roman
> import random userinput = ' ' print"Now tossing a coin    " while
> userinput.lower() != "q": flip = random.choice(['heads', 'tails']) if flip
> == 'heads': headcount+= 1 print"heads! the number of heads is now %d"%
> tailcount else: tailcount += 1 print"tails! the number of tails is now %d"%
> tailcount print"press 'Q' to quit", userinput = raw_input("or another key
> to toss again:") print" the total number of heads:", headcount print"the
> total number off tails:", tailcount


you will have to remove indentation of the "else" clause, so that the
"else" line is indented the same as the "if" line.

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