[docs] [issue19362] Documentation for len() fails to mention that it works on sets

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Wed Oct 23 16:05:54 CEST 2013

R. David Murray added the comment:

Perhaps it would be better to say that "the argument may be any object with a __len__, such as the commonly used Python sequence and container types str, bytes, tuple, list, dict, and set".  After all, there are other built in types it works on as well: bytearray, frozenset, memoryview.

For the other, "the number of items in a sequence or container type" would mostly cover it, but at the cost of being a bit obscure.  Perhaps that's OK for the help text, though, since it is supposed to be a reminder, not the full documentation.  Another even more obscure alternative would be "the number of items in a Sized object", which would also be more accurate (since an object with a __len__ doesn't *have* to conform fully to the sequence or container ABCs...nor does a container *have* to implement __len__).

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