[docs] problem using pickle

Andres Soto andres.soto.v at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 10:39:25 CEST 2013

I am trying to save a Naive Bayes classifier with cPickle (as it says in
NLTK: Storing Taggers http://nltk.org/book/ch05.html), but I got an error.
These are the function code I used to save/load it:

import cPickle as cp

def salva_fichC(fich1,data):
    f = open(fich, 'wb')
    cp.dump(data, f,-1)

def carga_fichC(fich1):
    f = open(fich, 'rb')
    data = cp.load(f)
    return data

I have tried also with pickle, with and without -1 in dump
Can you help me? Thanks
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