[docs] Confusing text which may came from a work to update documents

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I am a Japanese translator of Python documentation.

In the third paragraph of the section "Reading and Writing Unicode Data"
there is some confusing text: "open a file, read an 8-bit bytes object from
it, and convert the string with bytes.decode(encoding)"

Words "the string" in it may refer to "an 8-bit bytes object", but usually
we do not call a bytes object "string". This sentence confuses me.

To know why and where such a strange word came from, I got back into Python
documentation on version 2.7
On this version, a corresponding old text is "open a file, read an 8-bit
string from it, and convert the string with unicode(str, encoding)".
As you might notice, the object read from a file is "string", but not
"bytes" which appeared in Python 3.0.
When this paragraph was converted, words "the string" might be missed and

As my conclusion, I suggest that words "the string" should be "the bytes".


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