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Sun Sep 22 13:42:04 CEST 2013

anatoly techtonik added the comment:

On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 2:11 PM, Georg Brandl <report at bugs.python.org>wrote:

> Georg Brandl added the comment:
> > I believe that it is pretty easy with mobile browser due to screen
> > constraints. Can you test this on your mobile devices?
> Sorry, but we don't adapt the docs *content* to any specific device.  You
> should never only read just a screenful in any case.  This is technical
> documentation, not a news article!

I am sorry, but you're misplacing arguments. It looks like this:

me[1]> open() function description is a wrong place for warning that is
related to a whole module
you[2]> common, it is visible, that's the point anyway
me[3]> it is not visible on mobile
you[4]> we do not support mobile

[3] makes your point [2] invalid. And your point [4] doesn't apply as an
answer to [1].

 Now my arguments are:
1. Warning is located in the wrong place (bug is trivial, not important)
2. Wrong place causes problems with mobiles (trivial, somewhat matters)

And you argument that users (or is it for me personally?) should never read
only screenful for a module description is rather strange for the most of

   "Why are things always in the last place you look for them?
    Because you stop looking when you find them."

I highly recommend you to read this book -
http://www.sensible.com/chapter.html - it's awesome.
And just for amusement -

> If you believe that you can improve the docs *design* (the CSS, mainly) to
> work better on mobile devices, be my guest!  There are certainly
> optimization opportunities, but that never relieves you of making sure you
> read the whole content that's relevant to you.

There is nothing wrong with CSS or mobile design. There is an issue with
the placement of this specific piece of information, which comes detached
from the place (module description) where it belongs. Although the effect
of this bug is partially with background workaround, the cause is still

To make it more real scenario for you. In corporate environment somebody
who issues a recommendation, is not necessarily the person who implements
it. If you're implementing everything yourself, of course you won't miss
the details.


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