[docs] [issue20598] argparse docs: '7'.split() is confusing magic

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Fri Aug 8 00:20:19 CEST 2014

paul j3 added the comment:

For documentation, ['this','is','a','test'] might be a bit clearer than 'this is a test'.split().  But generating a list of strings by split is, I think, a pretty basic idiom.

But for testing purposes the split() version is a bit more robust because it is closer to what might appear in sys.argv.

    In [196]: ['this','is','a','test'][-1] is 'test'
    Out[196]: True

    In [198]: 'this is a test'.split()[-1] is 'test'
    Out[198]: False

That is, the 'id' of a string generated by a split is not the same as that of an explicit string.  sys.argv is created by a split in the shell and/or the interpreter, so it too will fail this 'is' test.

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