[docs] [issue22155] Out of date code example for tkinter's createfilehandler

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Fri Aug 8 22:44:58 CEST 2014

Terry J. Reedy added the comment:

The latest x.y docs are available at docs.python.org/x.y, such as

I was not aware of this undocumented method of the undocumented tkapp class.  It is not available on Windows, and the FAQ should say so. From Modules/_tkinter.c:

 /* Tcl_CreateFileHandler() changed several times; these macros deal with the  messiness.  In Tcl 8.0 and later, it is not available on Windows (and on  Unix, only because Jack added it back); when available on Windows, it only applies to sockets. */

Current _tkinter only supports 8.4+. The messiness still appears in the asyncio design.

'createfile' does not appear on the pydoc page for tkinter; directly using createfilehandle seems to be the only access.

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