[docs] How to embed python in python ?

Sthanki, Dinesh SthankiD at us.panasonic.com
Tue Aug 26 23:27:23 CEST 2014

Sorry, 'docs', I did not know who to submit this to.

I need to write an IDE to run some Python Scripts,  I could attempt  that in  C#,  but , why not write the actual IDE in python, to run python code ?

Here is some not very successful attempt run Python script (one liner) from python
This is an assortment of things I found on the web, mind you, no one is  attempting to run python in a python script (embed python in a python script, how about that for a twist ?).

from ctypes import *
from sys import getsizeof
from binascii import hexlify

xPyLib = windll.LoadLibrary("python34.dll")                    # This works partially
#xPyLib = windll.LoadLibrary("C:\Python34\DLLs\python3.dll")   # This works partially too

status = xPyLib.Py_IsInitialized();    # check If Python is Initialized

if status==1:
    print ("Python is Initialized Successfully")
    vers = xPyLib.Py_GetVersion();                   # CHECK OUT THE GARBAGE VERSION DATA HERE
    Platform = xPyLib.Py_GetPlatform()               # CHECK OUT THE GARBAGE VERSION DATA HERE

    print ("Python Vers: "+str(hexlify(string_at(id(vers), getsizeof(vers)))))
    print ("Platform: "+str(hexlify(string_at(id(Platform), getsizeof(Platform)))))
    #print ("Platform: "+str(xPyLib.Py_GetPlatform()))

    Command = "x=2"
    status = xPyLib.PyRun_String(Command);

    print ("*** Failed to Initialize Python ***")

Oh, one of the FAQ's should be "How do I submit a question ?"
Thank you for your time.

Dinesh Sthanki
Desk:  770-302-1201
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