[docs] Document how to use Concurrent Build when using MsBuild (issue 22261)

zachary.ware at gmail.com zachary.ware at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 08:07:08 CEST 2014

Sorry it's taken me longer than expected to give you a review.  A couple
of things to be addressed, and then we'll be good to go!

File PCbuild/readme.txt (right):

PCbuild/readme.txt:91: Please note that normal msbuild switches can also
be passed. For example,
I think 'MSBuild' is the proper capitalization for 'msbuild'.

And we should say that the MSBuild switches must be passed after any of
those listed above, you're limited to 9 MSbuild switches, and anything
with an = in it must be wrapped in quotes (like

And possibly just personal preference, but I don't like the "Please note
that" at the beginning of the line; the rest of the line stands fine
without it.

PCbuild/readme.txt:92: build.bat -e -d /m
This file isn't quite in reST format, but is close; I'd go ahead and
follow the devguide's suggestions for block quoting (blank line before
and after, indent 3 spaces).


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