[docs] Google search results for Python docs have misleading titles

Andrew Gorcester andrew.gorcester at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 21:00:08 CET 2014


Sorry for filing this bug by email, but I think it is an issue with the
Python documentation production webserver configuration and not anything in
the repo.  I may be wrong, but hopefully someone on this list can help me
sort it out.

For the last several months, at least, there has been a problem where using
Google to search for Python documentation, for instance "python unittest",
brings up a result that shows e.g. "Unittest - Python 3.3.3 documentation"
as the title of the page.  However, clicking through brings the user to the
Python 2.7.x documentation.  Users unfamiliar with the different layouts of
the two documentation versions may not realize that this has happened and
be mislead to thinking they are actually on the 3.3 documentation page.


This applies to other modules and even applies if the user searches for
e.g. "python 2.7 unittest". A search query for "python 3.3 unittest" works
as expected.

Strangely, this does not affect Duck Duck Go or Bing, both of which
correctly identify the page as Python 2.7 documentation.

I was unable to determine why this has happened via my cursory inspection
of the generated source for the documentation page, so I'm afraid I don't
have any more specific information.

Thank you,

Andrew Gorcester
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