[docs] [issue20693] Sidebar scrolls down 2x as fast as page content

Zachary Ware report at bugs.python.org
Thu Feb 20 05:24:04 CET 2014

Zachary Ware added the comment:

I noticed this earlier today as well, but didn't have a chance to report.  I also happened to have a week-old doc page still loaded in the next tab over (which didn't have the problem), and noticed that it was marked as being built by Sphinx 1.2, whereas today's is Sphinx 1.1.3, which I suspect may have something to do with it since I don't see any other major changes to how the docs are built in recent changesets.

Nick: You did report it on docs@, but it was held for moderation since you aren't subscribed.  It has now been approved.

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